Elden Ring DLC Announcement Date Coming Soon

Elden Ring is one of the most famous games released on February 2022 and gained a huge no. of users in a very short time we are here to give you the Elden Ring DLC Announcement Date.

The Elden Ring in an age long past was originally a Golden Star. That star came from the “Cosmos” by way of the Greater Will unto the Lands Between. The star bore a beast, a vessel. The purpose of this being would be to occupy the Lands Between on behalf of their deific master until a fitting champion was chosen as its vessel.

That champion was a Numen Empyrean of the name Marika. This vessel was named the Elden Beast, the living form of order and the Elden Ring incarnate. After the crowning of Marika and ascension to the status of a God, the Elden Beast became the Elden Ring, becoming the Golden Order of the Lands Between. Marika, as their chosen Vessel, became a container for the Eldin Ring. That started the “Age of the Erdtree”, with Marika as the sovereign ruler of the Lands Between.

Elden Ring DLC Announcement Date Coming Soon

DLC Announcement Date

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