100 Strong Female Names That Are Amazing

Are you looking for strong female names? If yes then here, we are going to share a ultimate collection of “100 strong female names” with their meaning. This name is bold and taken from the strength of a real or fictional warrior princess who are known by the world for their her remarkable achievements, whether they be in history, film, or literature.

If you want to inspire your daughter as she grow then choose a strong female names from here. We also shared 50 Most Popular Women story in our other article so, you can read their story and choose a name on behalf of them also.

100 Strong Female Names

S.No.NameTaken FromMeaning Of Name
1AadyaBengali“first” or “Earth”
2AdiraHebrew“strong, mighty”
3AineCeltic“radiance, brilliance”
4Alessia Italian“helper, defender”
5AlexandraGreek “helper, defender”
6AlexandriaEnglish“helper, defender”
7AltheaGreek Mythology “with healing power”
8AlvildaNorse“battle of elves”
9Amira Arabic“commander”
10AndreaEnglish, German, Spanish,
Czech, Slovak, Hungarian,
Swedish, Norwegian,
Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian
“manly, masculine”
11AnnemarieHebrew“rebellious woman”
12AlvildaNorse“battle of elves”
14AndreaEnglish, German, Spanish,
Czech, Slovak, Hungarian,
Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch
“manly, masculine”
15AnnemarieHebrew“rebellious woman”
16AoifeIrish Mythologya warrior princess
17ArtemisGreek Mythology goddess of the moon and of the hunt
18AthenaGreek Mythologygoddess of wisdom and of war
19AudeliaEnglish“noble” or “strength”
20Audrey English“noble” or “strength”
21BellatrixLatin“female warrior”
22BellonaRoman Mythology “personification of battle”
23BernadetteGerman“strong and brave as a bear”
26BriaIrish“power, strength, vigor”
27BrianaEnglish“high, noble”
28BridgetIrish“exalted one” or “power”
29BrielleEnglish“warrior of God.”
30CamillaRoman Mythologya legendary warrior maiden
31CarlaItalian, Portuguese, Spanish,
Catalan, English, German, Dutch
“army” or “warrior”
32CassandraGreek“man’s defender; warrior.”
33ChasinaAramaic“strong, mighty”
34Diana Roman Mythologyhunting, forests, and childbirth
35DustyNorse“tough like the stone of Thor”
36EbbaGerman“strength of an animal”
37EdreiBiblical“strong and powerful”
38ElahehPersian“like a goddess”
39EnyoGreek Mythologya war goddess
40FairuzaPersian“woman of triumph”
41FallonIrish“superiority; descended from a ruler.”
42Fianna Irish“band of warriors”
43FinleyScottish“fair warrior”
44GabriellaItalian“God is my strength”
45GertrudeEnglish, Dutch, French“spear of strength”
46GesaDutch“strength of a spear”
47HarlowEnglish “army”
50KarleenOld German“womanly strength”
51KennedyGaelic“protected with helmet”
52KerenHebrew“strength, power”
53LouellaEnglish“famous battle”
54LouisaEnglish, German, Dutch“famous battle”
56LuluGerman“famous battle”
58MaeveIrish Mythologywarrior queen of Connacht
59MaiaMaori“brave warrior”
60MarcellaLatin “warlike”
62MalinEnglish “strong” or little warrior”
66MelisendeMedieval French “strong”
67MeredithCeltic, means“protector of the sea.”
68MiaScandinavian “ocean goddess” or “queen”
69MinkaPolish“strong-willed warrior”
70MildredEnglish“gentle strength”
71MorganWelsh,  English “sea warrior.”
72MorganWelsh, English, French,“sea warrior”
73MoxieAmerican “boldness and strength of character”
75MylaEnglish “soldier”
76Neilina Gaelic“champion”
77NicoleFrench“victory of the people”
78NikitaGreek “unconquered”
80NirvanaSanskrit“one who blows out”
81OlesiaGreek“man’s defender”
83PhilomenaGreek“lover of strength”
84QadiraArabic“full of power”
85ReikaGerman“power of the wolf”
86SashaRussian, Ukranian, English,
“defending warrior”
87Sandra Italian, English, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, German,
Dutch, Swedish
“defending warrior”
88Shamra Arabic“ready for battle”
89ShahrzadPersian“bringing freedom to the city”
90Thora Scandinavian“Thor’s struggle”
91TrudyGerman“spear of strength”
92Tyra Scandinavian“Thor’s warrior”
93ValdaGerman “battle heroine”
94VeldaGerman “ruler” or “power”
95Valencia Spanish “strong, victorious”
96ValentinaItalian, Russian, Latvian,
German, Croatian, Bulgarian,
Macedonian, Slovene,
“strong, vigorous, powerful”
97ValerieEnglish, German, Czech“strength, health”
99Victoria Latin “victory”

Most of the parents love to choose their daughter name strong like we shared in our 100 Strong Female Names. If you are also searching for strong name then we hope your research end here. This strong female name has taken from the different languages with not only powerful in sound but also incredible in meaning.

All the name tells a strong meaning and many parents hope their little girl will adopt a fighting spirit. We hope “100 Strong Female Names” will help you to choose your daughter name. You can comment us and tell as which name you choose for your daughter. And also check the list of 50 most popular female list on our blog.

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