10 of the most dangerous beaches in the world

A trip to the beach—what could be more fun and relaxing? Just make sure to choose your beach wisely. Sharks, currents, rogue waves, and jellyfish are just a few of the threats lurking at the world’s most dangerous beaches.

Reunion Island (France) - Sharks

This tropical island off the east coast of Madagascar was a popular tourist destination, especially for surfing, but a sharp rise in shark attacks has resulted in eight deaths, most recently taking the life of a surfer in February 2017.

Fraser Island (Australia) – Sharks and more

Just off the coast of Queensland, this island is an ecotourism destination with more than its share of potential dangers.

Gansbaai (South Africa) - Sharks

This beach south of Cape Town is the closest one to Shark Alley, a narrow channel between two offshore islands that’s home to a huge number of great white sharks.

Praia da Boa Viagem (Recife, Brazil) - Sharks

At least 56 people have been killed by sharks in Recife since 1992, and the fatality rate of shark attacks here is the highest in the world, about 37 percent.

Darwin (Australia) – Jellyfish and sharks

Venomous box jellyfish swarms are common between October and May each year in this area, but crocodiles are a problem all year long, and, of course, there are also sharks.

New Smyrna Beach (Florida, USA) - Sharks

As of 2013, nearly 240 shark attacks had been recorded at this Orlando-area beach—the highest number for any beach on earth.

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach (Mumbai, India) - Pollution

Girgaum Chowpatty, a popular tourist beach, is among the most-polluted beaches in the world, with high concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria in the water and sand, and the problem appears to be

Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - Crime

Rio’s most famous beach attracts tons of tourists each year, but be aware of the hazards that also await you there: high levels of bacteria in both the sand and water and frequent occurrences of petty crime, especially theft.

Bikini Atoll (U.S. Marshall Islands) - Radiation

The beauty of this island in Micronesia conceals a deadly history of nuclear weapons tests conducted by the U.S. Army from 1946 to 1958.

The Red Triangle (California, USA) - Sharks

This 200-mile stretch of the California coastline, from Bodega Bay in the north to Big Sur in the south, is home to an estimated 38 percent of all great white shark attacks in the United States. 

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