5 Coolest New Tech Gadgets Of 2022

Tonal makes lifting and resistance training truly easy and, even more, easily accessible from your own home.


Tonal has a remarkably easy UI and gives data and feedback in a helpful manner. It also makes you feel great by keeping track of streaks and clear improvements.

It’s time to ditch your iPhone. Google finally created a phone from top to bottom in-house, and it is easily the smartest option on the market.

Google - Pixel 6 Pro

This device can live translate text and video, can automatically pull up info through google lens, and has one of the prettiest and most customizable UIs out there.

The Oura Ring 3 tracks health and medical stats without any glowing screens or gaudy design.

Oura Ring Generation 3

This is the one sleep tracker I’ve ever been able to comfortably wear, and it truthfully taught me a lot about my (terrible) recovery habits.

Sure you could always get smart bulbs. But where's the ambiance, the style—the ritz? Nanoleaf has drastically expanded their portfolio of immersive and customizable accent lighting,

Nanoleaf Lines

from shapes to wood paneling. And the impossibly sleek lines blend right into the wall and can change color and dimness

The world of bar hopping may be making a slow return, but if we learned one thing over the last two years it's that crowded bars and long waits aren't always the move.