7 Unknown Facts About Scarlett Johansson That Will Make You Love Her Even More

#1 - Scarlett Johansson wanted to become a Disney Princess when she was little.

#2 - Scarlett was rejected from NYU.

#3 - Cheese is what she loves and it has always been her favourite.

#4 - Scarlett has dual citizenships, American and Danish.

#5 - Scarlett is the niece of Phil Schlamberg. Schlamberg was the last person who died in a fight in World War 2.

#6 - Scarlett is very close to her grandmother because her parents parted their ways when she was very young, Scarlett considers her grandmother as her best friend.

#7 - Scarlett has a twin brother named Hunter. She also has two elder siblings named Vanessa and Adrian.

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