A letter from The Sporting News on the Shane Warne you don't know

Tom Hall, CEO and one of the owners of Sporting News, knew Shane Warne like few others.

Friday began completely normally. Breakfast with my family and helping my youngest with her online schooling.

Anybody that knew Shane knew his warmth, his caring, his incredible sense of humour, his laugh, the twinkle in his eye and that glare from those glowing, unnaturally white teeth.

The first question is “How can we watch Australia v Pakistan test here in Thailand; the game’s about to start?”

Cricket, AFL, golf and his family were the main passions in his life and Warney and cricket were never far apart. He was laughing and was himself.

I met Shane some 15 years ago at a charity poker tournament and I don’t know exactly why, but we bonded and became firm friends and travelled all over the world together. Our families met and would spend some great times together.

It’s probably a very different friendship to ones that he had with his cricketing team mates and people around cricket and sport generally, that Shane interacted with, in the way only Shane could. 

A few balls into the Test, Warney jumps up and says “Mate, I bought you a present” and rushes off excitedly to his room. 

None of us here are aware of Shane having visited a doctor, though he had complained to a friend of some chest pains and shortness of breath.

The Australian embassy in the form of various consuls general and Australian Ambassador, Allan McKinnon have pulled out all the stops and are down here themselves helping us get Shane back to his family as fast as we can

Keith, Brooke, Jacko, Summer, I am so sorry for your loss and will see you soon.