A look at the most magical cities in France!

Another super gorgeous French city, Nice is a perfect amalgam of old world charm and modern conveniences. The chic seaside resort town, the destination has been attracting vacationers for a long time now.


It is a pretty captivating mediaeval city in Normandy. The place is all about the exquisite Gothic churches and half-timbered houses.


Strasbourg looks gorgeous with its lovely half-timbered houses and old streets. The whole place has a captivating energy and magical charm.


This beautiful seaside French city is all about exotic ambience and golden history. It is the oldest city in France!


It is one of the largest cities in France and home to some incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city has a bustling food scene and rich cultural heritage.


Another charming city in northern France, Lille is the historic capital of Flanders. It shares a cultural heritage with Belgium which is a neighbouring city.


Another picturesque city in France, Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its rich culture and heritage. This is a beautiful city with over 300 classified monuments!


This is one of France's best cultured cities brimming with fine-arts museums and canals. The city is brimming with some amazing architecture and pretty floating gardens.


The City of Light, Paris is on every traveller’s bucket list. One of the most iconic cities in the world and the capital of France, Paris is definitely a magical city!


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