Android malware that steals passwords puts billions of users at risk

A dangerous new malware that targets Android devices has been uncovered by cybersecurity experts.

In 2021, researchers discovered a malware designated ERMAC that was attacking Android devices.

Now, cybersecurity experts from ESET have found that a new version of the Banking trojan – dubbed ERMAC 2.0 – is active.

The malware targets Android devices via 467 apps that steal users’ credentials and bank information.

Once someone installs ERMAC 2.0 via a fraudulent app, the malware requests as many as 43 permissions from their device.

permissions can get the hackers SMS access, contact access, system alert window creation, audio recording, or full storage read and write access.

This can result in a complex phishing scheme that harvests the user’s data whenever they try to log onto the affected app.

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