Bad weather delays return of first private astronauts from space

The crew will be spending a few more days on the Space Station as Nasa and SpaceX work to identify the next window for their return.

Designated to stay on the International Space Station for 10 days, the four private astronauts are well into their 12th day in zero gravity as bad weather continues to delay their return home. 

The delay was due to bad weather conditions off the coast of Florida where the spacecraft is planned for splashdown after it re-enters Earth's upper atmosphere.

"The integrated Axiom Space, Nasa, and SpaceX teams are assessing the next best opportunity for the return of Ax-1, the first all-private mission to the ISS," Axiom Space said in an update.

The crew will be spending a few more days on the Space Station as Nasa and SpaceX works to identify the next window for their return. 

With the mission extended, the four members will have to repack as and when the return day comes closer. 

"Teams will continue to monitor the weather at the splashdown sites prior to undocking to ensure conditions are acceptable for a safe recovery of the Dragon spacecraft and Ax-1 astronauts.

The commercial space company had said that During the Ax-1 mission, the crew pioneered a new path in space to allow more opportunities for individuals, nations, and researchers around the world to work in microgravity.

During their over a week-long stay in the flying laboratory, the crew conducted over 26 experiments, including technology demonstrations. 

The experiments included self-assembling technology for satellites and future space habitats, cancer stem cell study, 

air purification, and testing edge computing, made possible by Axiom’s full-service integration into the NASA process for science and technology activities.

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