Best Places On Earth To See Polar Bears

Churchill, Canada

Often referred to as the ‘polar bear capital of the world’, the best time to visit Churchill to spot polar bears is between October and November

Svalbard, Norway

This Norwegian archipelago inhabits a large variety of creatures such as walrus, arctic foxes and polar bears

Kaktovik, Alaska

Kaktovik in Alaska provides you a good chance to see polar bears in the wild. The best time to visit here is anytime between mid-August to late September

Nunavut, Canada

Filled with a large variety of Arctic wildlife, Nunavut in Canada is a good spot to see polar bears


The best chance to spot a polar bear in Greenland is if you are on a cruise rather than on land as they live in the northern most part of the island and hardly come on land

Wrangel Island, Russia

A sure shot place to spot polar bears, Wrangel Island is among the worlds most popular polar bear nursing wards where mothers come to raise their cubs

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