Channing Tatum in ‘Dog’: Film Review

In his first starring role in five years, the actor plays an Army Ranger tasked with transporting a PTSD-scarred canine to her former handler's funeral.

Despite his status as one of Hollywood’s reigning hunks and such popular flicks as The Vow and Dear John, Channing Tatum actually hasn’t done all that many romantic movies in his career.

His latest effort doesn’t technically alter that fact, though the actor lovingly caresses, speaks adoringly to and shares a bathtub with an equally gorgeous female co-star.

That said co-star is a Belgian Malinois should in no way deter Tatum’s many fans from checking him out in his first starring role in five years.

Tatum also co-directed (with his Magic Mike collaborator Reid Carolin) this obvious passion project, inspired by a 2017 HBO documentary, War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend, that they executive produced.

In this fictional version, the actor plays Jackson Briggs, an Army Ranger desperate to see action again after getting sidelined by a brain injury that induces seizures.

To get back into his commanding officer’s good graces, he accepts an assignment to drive Lulu, an Army dog who served in Afghanistan,

some 1,500 miles in his lovingly restored ’84 Bronco so the canine, herself traumatized by her wartime experiences, can attend the funeral of her late handler.