Chris Pine Got Mistaken For Joey Lawrence At An Oscars Party: ‘Not Quite, But Thank You’

People sometimes get their stars mixed up. On Wednesday night, Chris Pine appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

and revealed he was mistaken for a completely different actor while out an Oscars party on Sunday.

“Well, I was at one, and I was about to go, and this guy stopped me and he’s like, ‘I know you.'” he recalled. “And I was like, ‘God, this again.’ And he’s like, ‘Joey Lawrence!'”

“That’s a weird one,” Kimmel laughed. “I said, ‘Not quite, but thank you, I’m sure I’ll remember that for the rest of my life,'” Pine said.

After explaining that he was not actually the musician and actor who appeared on “Blossom” in the ’90s, the man asked, “Come on, tell me, who are you?”

“Chris Evans, Captain America,” Pine told him. “And just to top it all off, he does, ‘That’s my man!'”

Asked if he often gets confused for other people, Pine said it happens all the time, listing off names like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth.

Pine also recalled being mistaken for Matt Damon in the past, to which Kimmel joked, “Well that’s just rude. I hope you slapped the guy.”

“I don’t like the guy at all,” Pine joked. “Really awful. Why would they do that? I don’t know, it’s disrespectful.”

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