Donald Trump’s Net Worth Is Said To Have Jumped $600 Million Since He Left Presidency

From getting banned from numerous social media platforms to losing the presidential elections to Joe Biden,

things haven't gone Donald Trump's way in the past year and a half.

While some may have even written him off, the 75-year-old former US president has again put up a strong display of his grit.

In the past year or so, Donald Trump seems to have got a new title, i.e. a tech entrepreneur.

This seems to be a stretch for Trump, who doesn’t even use email, preferring to instead scrawl jagged notes in marker.

But he doesn’t mind jumping into ventures in which he has little previous experience, and this gig should prove far more lucrative than the presidency, as per a report in Forbes.

In fact, this new gig has already boosted his net worth by $430 million, according to Forbes, thus helping Trump lift his fortune from $2.4 billion a year ago to $3 billion today.

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