Elon Musk: From A Dollar  A Day To Spending $150  Billion Today

Literal Office Home

Elon doesn't come from money, In early 90's he was working so hard that he would sleep in his office and shower at the

Journey Of $307 Million

The man was living on a dollar a day budget that changed after he sold his first company Zip2 for $307 million in cash.

$100 Million Houses

In 2012, He bought his first mansion in Bel Air. After the original purchase, he bought 5 more in the same neighborhood for a grand total of about  $100 million

Flashy Possessions

Elon is a very busy man, He flies over 150K miles every year, In his $70M G6 private jet

Of Course He Prefers  Tesla But

But he's also purchased a McLaren, A'67 Jaguar, and a Lotus Esprit from James Bond which ran him $920k

Elon Had A Change Of Heart

Then in 2020, he tweeted out that he was going minimalist  and selling off all his homes  and material possessions

Elon Musk Wisdom

When asked why he responded "I think possessions kind of weight you down They're kind of an attack vector"

Only Close To The Heart

Today he rents his property and keeps only sentimental and essential possessions

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