Elon Musk's Taj Mahal tweet prompts mother Maye to share anecdote from 1954: 'only people to ever...'

The speculations of Tesla chief Elon Musk visiting India in near future gained traction after his Twitter remark post got viral.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, shared an interesting anecdote about the billionaire’s grandparents who flew to the Taj Mahal on their way to Australia from South Africa in 1954. Maye Musk said that Elon’s grandparents, Joshua Haldeman and Wyn Haldeman, 

Maye's tweet came after the world's richest man expressed his fondness for Indian architecture. Elon Musk replied to a tweet on the facade detail of Agra Fort: “It is amazing. I visited in 2007 and also saw the Taj Mahal, which truly is a wonder of the world.”

To this, his mother, a model and dietician, said: “In 1954, your grandparents flew to the Taj Mahal from South Africa, on their way to Australia.

The only people to ever do this trip in a single-engine propeller plane, without a radio or GPS. Their motto ’Live dangerously…. carefully.’”

She also shared photographs of her parents in which her mother, Wyn, can be seen posing in front of the iconic Taj Mahal, which is often touted as one of the wonders of the world. 

In another undated picture, Elon Musk’s grandfather, Joshua, can be seen standing in front of a single-engine propeller plane.

A user replied: “For all the people querying what's going on here, the story about the previous Musk generation going on a dangerous world tour to see the best of the world in a tiny plane is really inspiring, pioneering and why I think we should have a bit more belief in ourselves.”

But not everyone was impressed with the story. “And subjugate a lot of black folks to pay for it all. So inspiring!!” tweeted a user.

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