Emma Chamberlain wore Maharaja of Patiala’s choker to Met Gala, and netizens aren’t pleased

Kim Kardashian was not the only one to wear something that holds historical value at the Met Gala this year; Emma Chamberlain, too, wore a piece of jewellery that belonged to an Indian Maharaja.

Chamberlain, who wore Louis Vuitton to the Gala and was signed by Cartier as its brand ambassador, arrived to the Met on May 2, dripping in Cartier’s diamonds, complete with a tiara.

It was, however, her choker that caught everyone’s attention. The choker belonged to the Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh which was made in 1928 after the Maharaja decided to turn his De Beers diamond, the 7th largest in the world into an heirloom choker.

While we are talking about Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress can we talk please also talk about how Emma Chamberlain literally wore Maharaja Of Patiala’s Cartier Diamond Choker

The choker was commissioned to Cartier and the end result was called the Patiala Necklace, flaunting 2930 diamonds and Burmese rubies. 

The choker is believed to be one of the expensive pieces of jewellery made in history, evaluated to a whopping $30 million today in its original form.

However stunning the choker may have looked on Emma, netizens are taking to Twitter to express their disappointment, as the choker has “a deep and painful history attached to it”, wrote a user.

So i just found out emma chamberlain wore the maharaja of patiala’s necklace at the met gala… this is wayyy worse than kim wearing marilyn monroe’s dress.

so, news just broke out that emma chamberlain wore the maharaja of patiala’s cartier diamond choker to the met gala, and as someone both sikh and punjabi, it doesn’t sit right with me. it was stolen, “re-acquired” by cartier, sure. 

“Thanks #cartier. Those are the jewels of the Maharaja of Patiala. That’s a piece of India’s stolen history, not a fancy piece of jewellery to lend out to celebrities. Disrespectful on so many levels,” said a tweet by another user.

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