Essential Skincare Tips For Swimmers

"Love swimming in summer? Chlorine water present in the swimming pool can cause skin irritation and itchiness.

Here are some essential skincare tips to follow before going for a swim.

Moisturise before swimming

Applying a moisturiser before swimming helps create a protective layer from chlorine water and prevents dryness. Moisturise your skin before and after a swim

Waterproof Sunscreen

Apply a waterproof sunscreen at least 15 to 20 minutes before getting into the swimming pool. It protects you from the harmful UV rays and creates a protective barrier on your skin

Shower before swimming

Though most pools require you to take a shower before you step in, make sure to not miss this step. If your skin cells are hydrated, they will absorb less chlorine water from the pool

Shower after a swim

Take a shower immediately after swimming to rinse off the chlorine water from your skin. Use a mild cleanser in the locker room before you go home and take a proper bath