From Jisoo to Lisa: Beauty secrets of BLACKPINK girls

​A rage

South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK has become a rage around the world.

​Their beauty secrets

We bring to you some beauty secrets of these Korean girls.

Two cleansers for Jennie

Jennie uses two cleansers on her face daily.

​Jisoo's mask

In an interview, Jisoo revealed that she masks really frequently to combat her dry skin.

Rose thinks cleansing is the key

Rose believes in cleansing her skin before hitting the bed.

​Lisa's face massager

Lisa travels with a compact face massager to blend the cream into her skin.

Jisoo lip scrub

Jisoo never misses exfoliating her lips with a lip scrub. She uses a lip balm post that.

Jennie's detox juice

Jennie drinks fresh fruit juice first thing in the morning for that natural glow. The juice contains lemon, cucumber, cranberry and apple cider vinegar.

Rose sticks to products

Rose never likes to experiment with her skincare products and sticks to what suits her.

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