Google Play Store Tips For Android Users

Google Play Store contains a number of lesser-known features and secrets that can help you enjoy Android even more

Here are some tips about Google Play Store to enrich your Android experience

Test and refund apps

Google allows easy refunds for any app purchases; all you have to do is fill out the Google Play refund form. You have 48 hours after purchasing a paid app or game to obtain a refund

Unlock beta apps

The Play Store also allows developers to offer separate beta versions of already-released apps. Go to the app's store page, look for the Join the beta section, and tap Join

Enable parental controls

If your device is used by children, you should use the Play Store's parental controls to set content restriction and prohibit them from installing unwanted apps

Use the wish-list feature

Start using the wish-list feature if you decide you want to install an app but can't right now, or if you want to wait and see if it improves before installing

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