Great white shark stalking US coast ‘is one of biggest in the world’

One of the world’s biggest great white sharks, measuring over 12 foot, has been spotted prowling close to the United States coast. reported to weigh roughly 452kg (71 stone).

The shark, named after West Ironbound Island near Lunenburg, was tagged in October 2019 in waters around Nova Scotia, Canada, and has travelled an estimated 13,000 miles since then.

In recent weeks, the great white shark has been located to the US coast and its tracker last pinged off the coast of New Jersey at about 10.30pm on April 28.

Three days earlier, the shark pinged off the North Carolina coast in a sign that he is migrating north. 

“They’re moving north to the very rich feeding grounds off of Canada and the northeastern US,” said Bob Hueter, chief scientist at OCEARCH.

Shark populations have fallen sharply over the last four decades, however great white shark populations have started to improve on the east coast of the United States.

Other great white sharks stalking the US coast include 17ft Queen of the Ocean, 20ft Haole Girl and 15ft Miss Costa. The biggest of the species ever recorded is Deep Blue, weighing in at 2.5 tonnes.

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