How Elon Musk Could Impact Twitter's Battles Over Speech Abroad

Since Elon Musk announced  he was

buying Twitter last month, he has sent out tweet after tweet outlining his plans for the platform, from new features to security updates to monetization.

But Musk's overarching reason

for committing billions of dollars to buy Twitter is to ensure the platform bolsters free speech.

Musk said "By 'free speech,'

I simply mean that which matches the law," he said in one of his many recent tweets on the subject. "I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law.

Musk has also said

he thinks Twitter should be more "reluctant to delete things" and "very cautious with permanent bans."

Musk's rhetoric has already raised

some concerns in Twitter's home market about how it would impact the platform's approach to handling harassment, misinformation and content moderation broadly.

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