How Katharine McPhee’s Pregnancy Weight Affected Her Mental Health 

Mental health matters. Though Katharine McPhee was experiencing normal pregnancy weight gain, she struggled with thoughts that said otherwise.

“Even though you know your body is going to change, and you expect that, if you’re someone who has control issues with your body …

psychologically, I think it just does something different,” McPhee, 37, explained to Katherine Schwarzenegger on the latter’s Instagram Live series Before, During and After (BDA).

McPhee welcomed son Rennie with husband David Foster in February 2021.

Nearly a year after giving birth, the Scorpion alum is revealing how her changing body truly affected her.

“The journey with self love and people who do struggle with weight, it ebbs and flows, right?” she said on the Thursday, February 17, episode.

“You have seasons where there’s no problems at all where you get up and your body tells you you’re hungry, you eat — and then you have days where all you do is think about food.

For people who are on that journey, that’s their sort of life struggle. I can relate to that. As I got older, it got a lot better. And when I was pregnant, it kind of reactivated a bit.”