How to Attract a Boy Who Ignores You

Flashing a smile helps him notice you from across the room. Boys find you more attractive when you smile, so grab his attention by showing off your grin whenever he’s around.


Locking your eyes briefly shows that you’re interested. Whether you’re across the room or see him walking by, try to look directly into his eyes, even if it’s just for a second

Make eye contact with him

Show the boy you’ve noticed him with this quick gesture. If you make eye contact from across the room, quickly raise your eyebrows for a split second before lowering them back down.

Raise your eyebrows toward him.

This tells him that you’re playful and open for a conversation. Try twirling your hair around your finger, running your fingers through your hair, or gently caressing a necklace or bracelet.

Play with your hair or jewelry.

Boost your confidence and attractiveness with this simple trick. Keep your shoulders relaxed and look straight forward. Keep your back straight to help you seem more confident in how you look.

Practice good posture

Studies show that guys are more attracted to you in this bright color. Look for a fun red top or accessory to add to your wardrobe so you can wear it around the boy you like.

Wear something red.

Choosing a unique scent helps him remember you whenever he smells it. Find a subtle, good-smelling perfume or cologne to spritz on whenever you go out.

Spray some perfume or cologne.

Saying something nice shows that you want to talk to them more. Point out something small that you notice about his appearance and mention it to him.

Give him a compliment.

Let him come after you if he doesn’t respond to your advances. Sometimes, guys will act like they’re not interested if you’re chasing after them. Instead, do exactly what they’re doing to you.

Try ignoring him.

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