I’m a Hooters waitress and here’s how much I make in tips a day

This Hooters waitress has some pretty huge tips — and they’re going wildly viral. Slinging wings part-time is an apparently lucrative gig for law student Leah Fennelly, 23

She raked in a jaw-dropping 10.3 million TikTok views with a clip revealing how much money she earns in gratuity during an eight-hour, 12-8 p.m. shift on a random Thursday.

“First three tips of the morning we have $3 cash and some change, $7 cash and some change and $8 cash in some change,” says the smiley brunette, from Florida, as she flaunts the bills for the camera.

Later while on duty, Fennelly — while donning a deep-V cut Hooters T-shirt and the chain’s unmistakable orange uniform shorts — then shows off another influx of cash tips from three other customers, including $6, $14 and $23 tips.

She went on to display five bonuses she scored from debit card transactions, which included massive $31 and $50 tips.

After the shift, Fennelly counted out the day’s haul for her more than 117,000 fans, revealing that she earned an impressive $282 in cash, plus $100 sent via CashApp from one of her regular customers.

“Lol I’m a nurse and you make more than a starting nurse in a 12-hour shift,” laughed a viewer. “I’m an engineer and this girl makes more than me lol, I’m never tipping again,” teased another.

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