Is Chric Rock Was Wearing A Pad On His Cheek When Will Smith Slapped Him?

Apps that promise to give users a better version of reality are helping create conspiracy theories.

The internet is filled with conspiracy theories ranging from the absurd to the plausible.

And plenty of people online have questioned whether Will Smith’s assault of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards on Sunday was staged.

But there’s a new twist to this conspiracy theory that we can safely debunk: No, Chris Rock wasn’t wearing a pad on his cheek when Will Smith slapped him.

After plenty of bad takes on Twitter on Sunday night about whether Rock deserved to get slapped for telling a joke about Smith’s wife,

Jada Pinkett Smith, there was a sizeable portion of online shit-stirrers who started to insist the whole thing was staged.

Then, by Monday morning, the truly unhinged takes started, including a theory that not only was the slap staged, Rock was wearing a pad on his cheek to cushion the blow from Smith.

Nevermind the fact that a tiny pad on your cheek wouldn’t do much to shield your face while getting slapped. It had to be true. Because nothing is real anymore, right?

Well, let’s take a look at the photos from that night, captured by professional photographers and uploaded to professional photography websites accessed by Gizmodo, metadata and all.

And if you zoom in you can see there doesn’t appear to be any padding on Rock’s cheek.

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