Is the April 2022 full moon tonight?

The four full moon of 2022 is upon us, with Brits hoping for a bright and clear Easter weekend to grant a clear sighting of April’s orb.

Shrouded in folklore and mystique for millennia, the full moon has inspired everything from religious festivals to horror films and outlandish doomsday conspiracy theories.

In recent years, it has also led to moon names infiltrating pop culture, with this month’s full moon dubbed the “snow moon” – here’s everything you need to know.

When is the April 2022 full moon?

The next full moon falls on Saturday 16 April, reaching its peak at 7.55pm, according to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Although we tend to think of there being a full moon each month, the lunar cycle actually lasts just over 29.5 days, which means there is sometimes more than one (commonly known as a “blue moon”).

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