Is your thumb straight or crooked? This is what it can tell you about your personality!

Your posture, your fingerprints, the colour of your clothes… It all appears to say a lot about your personality.

But there are even more parts of your body that can reveal things about yourself. Your thumb, for example, can indicate a couple of distinctive personality traits.

Every body is different, from head to toe. When giving a thumbs up, some people have a straight thumb. Other people have crooked thumbs, though. What does this mean? 

When some people give a thumbs up, their thumb stands up in a straight line, but for others it is crooked; the tip of the thumb sticks out a little (or a lot). This can tell you something about your temperament and your willpower.

Tip of the thumb

Do you have a straight thumb? This means that you’re a bit more serious than other people. You can be grumpy and easily annoyed at times. You have your low moments, when you see the entire world through grey-tinted glasses.

Straight thumb

It can be really difficult for you to show your emotions at those moments. Your quality of life is important to you, and you value your health, your friends and your family greatly.

Do you have a crooked thumb? This means that you’re a very expressive and eccentric person. You gladly share your opinions with other people and you have no trouble showing your emotions. 

Crooked thumb

You think it’s important what other people think of your personality and your appearance, and you can be quite sensitive to this. You spend a lot of time on your appearance.

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