Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Against Twitter Over Ban

A federal judge in San Francisco

has dismissed former President Donald Trump's lawsuit against Twitter that sought to reinstate his banned account on the platform, according to a court filing.

The decision is a victory for

Twitter, which had asked Judge James Donato, of the US District Court for the Northern District of California, to toss out the suit.

In throwing out Trump's case,

Donato held that Twitter was not acting as an agent of the US government as Trump had alleged and was therefore not infringing on Trump's First Amendment rights to free speech.

The decision said.

"The amended complaint does not plausibly allege a First Amendment claim against Twitter," and "Plaintiffs' first claim is dismissed.

Donato also threw out Trump's

other claims, such as that Section 230 — the law shielding tech platforms from lawsuits over most user-generated content — is unconstitutional.

Trump could continue to pursue

the case, with Donato ruling that he can file an amended complaint, though the ruling also states that Trump will not be permitted to add any new legal claims.

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