Lana Makes Absurd Amount Of Money In First 24 Hours Of Website Launch

Perry revealed on social media that her personal website filled with exclusive content has launched, and in the first 24 hours of going live, subscriptions brought in nearly $20,000.

This is, according to Perry, the largest launch day in history for the website provider, “Brand Army“.

As she continues promoting the site, Perry isn’t shy about promoting herself as the “hot, flexible wife” of AEW superstar, Miro.

She writes it several times in her Twitter posts, and also includes the question, “Let’s find out if [I am a hot, flexible wife], shall we?” in the description for her new content.

Subscriptions to Perry’s exclusive content website can be purchased for $19.99 at this link. If purchased, you receive, ‘exclusive TikToks, exclusive videos,

exclusive photos from your famous “hot flexible wife” exclusive never seen before photos and videos from the road and BTS from photo shoots and movie / TV sets. 

Exclusive funny stories and the occasional appearance of the “hot flexible wife’s” famous Bulgarian husband Miro.’

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