Man born without a jaw finds love after lifetime of pain: ‘I deserved more’

After suffering bullying his entire life due to being born without a jaw, Joseph Williams says he’s been rescued by love after surviving decades of feeling “worthless.”

The 41-year-old Chicago man was born with the rare congenital disorder otofacial syndrome, which is caused by a mutated gene and left him unable to speak or eat with his mouth.

Williams, who works as a welder, had long assumed he would live out the rest of his days a single man — until he met his soulmate Vania, 39, back in 2019.

At times, he said he wanted to hide away and cry — and even thought about suicide — but he pushed through to keep his spirits up.

“People stop what they are doing to stare at me and it gets annoying. I’ve even had one guy stop his car, turn around and drive by just to look at me,” Williams said.

“Being born without a jaw has given me a different outlook on life and it has made me who I am today.” He Said

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