Ms. Marvel Trailer Reveals  First Muslim Pakistani Superhero In America

The Brown Marvel Girl

A brown girl with a habit of constantly living in the fantasy world of becoming a hero herself and saving the world actually gets her dream getting true

A Pakistani Muslim Superhero

Marvel has made a bold move casting Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, a Muslim girl from Pakistan who gets her hand on a cosmic gauntlet that fulfills her wishes of cosmic power.

Huge Fan Of Captain Marvel

Kamala Khan is greatly influenced by Captain Marvel  and takes her former name  Ms. Marvel and her suit also resembles Captain Marvel's suit.

She Used To Be An Inhuman

The MCU has changed her origin, however. Because Kamala Khan in comics is actually an Inhuman capable of shape shifting and a bunch of other cool abilities.

She Walks In Thin Air

She is no more a shape shifter and her power comes from a cosmic bracelet which allow her do things like, grow cosmic punches, cosmic steps in the air, and also a protection shield.

Captain Marvel's Apprentice

Ms. Marvel cast includes Carol Danvers, so that means we may see a few or more glimpse of Captain Marvel herself in this Disney+ Series.