Mum shaken after mystery metal object crashes through roof and lands in baby bouncer

A couple were left startled after a piece of mystery metal smashed through their roof and landed in their daughter's baby bouncer — with some saying it could have been a plane part or 'space junk'

A mother has shared her shock after a strange metal object smashed through their roof and landed in their daughter's baby bouncer.

Temika Lawther from Queensland, Australia say her and husband Matt were left puzzled after the small piece of hard metal crashed into the infant mobility device belonging to Oceania, who is only five months old,

Fortunately, their child was not inside the bouncer at the time of impact but was instead in the kitchen being given her "first ever" taste of ice cream.

Describing how the frightening incident unfolded, Temika said she heard a "loud bang" and then saw a "massive hole in the roof", before looking down and finding "all the tiles were smashed”

She also talked of her concern for her young daughter, commenting: “If Oceania was sitting in the baby bouncer at the time, she would not have been OK.

Users on social media have been quick to speculate on the origin of the mystery material since Temika shared her story. In a post she said that she and her partner had "definitely" ruled out the idea that it could be a bullet.

Some have claimed it could even be 'space junk' — which is often made from old pieces of rockets and satellites sent from Earth. But experts believe it is instead more likely to have come from an aeroplane or helicopter.

Dr Jonti Horner, an astrophysicist from University Southern Queensland, told: “Firstly, if it were space junk it would look a lot more burned and horrible than that, even if it was metal. But I don’t think space junk or a meteorite would have this kind of effect.”

“If it’s not astronomical, it seems more likely to be something human made", he added. Temika and Matt are now exploring whether there is any way to claim on their insurance for the damage caused by the unusual occurrence.

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