NASA Detects A Massive Asteroid That Will Approach Earth on April 28

This Big Space Rock

Designated 418135 (2008 AG33), has a diameter of up to 780 meters and scheduled to pass by the Earth on April 28.

According to NASA's Asteroid Tracker

A giant asteroid twice the size of the Empire State Building Will pass Earth this week at a distance quite close to us on a cosmic scale.

This Large Space Rock

classified 418135 (2008 AG33), could have a diameter of up to 780 meters.

That's More Than Twice

The Height of New York City's famed skyscraper, the Empire State Building, which stands 381 meters tsll from base to roof.

The Asteroid Will Travel By

The Earth at a Speed of roughly 10.39 Kilometers per second on April 28 at 2:46 a.m UTC, or 10:46 p.m EDT on April 27.

It's A Good Thing That

418135 (2008 AG33), won't collide with Earth because the result would almost probably be devastating.

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