NASA Orders Electric Trucks But Not From Elon Musk Tesla

NASA Needs Canoo

To build an EV that seats eight and covers 50 miles. That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

If You Ask Me

What astronauts drive, I’ll tell you it’s a Corvette because that’s the car every Apollo spaceman had.

In the Apollo days

This job was left to a decked out Clark-Cortez motorhome. But now, NASA has appointed EV maker Canoo to dream up an astronaut transporter for the future.

NASA Isn’t Demanding An EV

Right away, but does have a deadline for the startup to deliver. NASA needs the new astronaut transportation truck for the launch of its manned Artemis missions.

This Gives Canoo 15 Months

To come up with a truck that meets NASA’s needs. But, what are the requirements for a next-generation crew transporter?

NASA Says It Must Have

Space to seat eight, including four fully kitted-out astronauts, a driver, technician, flight operations director and a security.

NASA Needs The New Canoo EV

To have a range of 50 miles and can operate for at least eight hours a day. Canoo initially claimed its EVs would manage 250 miles of range.

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