NASA’s Moon Rocket, Spacecraft Return For Repair After Scrubbed Test

NASA's Space Launch System rocket

and Orion spacecraft for the Artemis I mission arrived safely at Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida, the agency said Tuesday.

The SLS Rocket And Orion Spacecraf

Arrived at the assembly building after a 10-hour journey from launch pad 39B that began Monday morning, NASA confirmed.

Crews Will

Now extend the work platforms to allow access to SLS and Orion.

Over The Next Few Weeks

NASA teams will work on replacing a faulty upper stage check valve and a small leak within the tail service mast umbilical ground plate housing.

They Also Will Perform Additional

Checkouts before returning the rocket to the launch pad for the next wet dress rehearsal attempt.

The Space Agency's New Moon Rocket

Already has been delayed by nearly a month after the SLS failed to complete necessary pre-launch testing earlier in April.

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