Official Confirms Bright Blue Object Caught On Video In Sky Over US

Seeing an extremely bright fireball pass overhead in the night sky. Officials have confirmed its existence.

Eyewitnesses Have Reported

Has confirmed a meteor estimated to be the size of a house entering Earth's atmosphere above Colorado, United States.

The American Meteor Society

By numerous cameras, some of which were porch cameras, and they show a bright fireball enter the sky, lighting it up a beautiful blue hue.

The Fireball Was Captured On Film

Located in Evergreen, Colorado, the fireball was so bright that it charged his solar lights.

According To Josh Ellis

The fireball over Boulder, Colorado, said, "Everything was pitch dark, and all of a sudden it lit up as if it was a brightly lit moon."

Doug Robonson, Captured A Video

Hearing a boom sound as they saw the fireball pass overhead. This "boom" was likely the fireball exploding as it broke up in the atmosphere.

Additionaly, Six People Reported

Fireball 10x Brighter Than The Moon Streaks Over Mississippi