Oprah Winfrey urges Ellen DeGeneres to do what she didn't after ending talk show

Winfrey, whose own iconic eponymous talk show ended 11 years ago, admitted she was "emotional" when she came out having just talked to Ellen DeGeneres Show staffers backstage about the end of the show's 19-year run.

"I said to everybody, 'I know what this feels like with only a few days left,'" she told DeGeneres Tuesday ahead of Thursday's final show. 

"I just was really applauding your team for making this show what it's been for 19 years. Obviously you're the face out front but it's everybody back there that actually makes it work.

I was tearing it up saying, 'Guys, what a great job you've done holding this together."

Winfrey said seeing the staff "triggered me," taking her back to May 2011 when the Oprah Winfrey Show ended.

"You have all of these people who become your family. This becomes your home. That's what happens. Families come together, relationships are built.

It becomes home for hundreds of people who are all supporting you and helping you be as great as you are."

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