When Eminem Dissed  Michael Jackson But The Beef Backfired

Eminem's Beef Backfired

No beef in history of hip-hop has backfired harder than Eminem trying to beef  Michael Jackson.

Drake And Kanye Beef  Is No Fun

Rap beefs today are pretty light hearted. Drake and Kanye have been beefing for years and we haven't even been treated to a proper diss track.

Just Loose It

Back in '05' Eminem was the meaning of a loose cannon. He dropped a single solely dedicated shredding every piece of Michael Jackson's Character.

Ain't Just A Diss Track

It's a double platinum banger, where Em went as far as to recreate Mike's hair catching on fire, rapped about his criminal charges and even made up a scene where his nose falls off.

Damage Was Done MJ Went Offensive

MJ threatened to sue and did everything in his power to have the video banned. He didn't succeed at first but 3 years later he had a better idea.

$300 Million Spent! Just  Like That

He bought the company that owns the entirety of Eminem's music catalogue. Despite the $300 Million price tag,  MJ didn't Blink.

MJ Owned Eminem

The catalogue was sold and MJ quite literally owned Eminem

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