Amber Heard’s Sister Acknowledges That She ‘Regrettably’ Joked with Johnny Depp About Domestic Abuse

Amber Heard’s sister ruefully acknowledged on Wednesday that she sent Johnny Depp a text message joking about domestic abuse.

The admission came after sister Whitney Henriquez depicted Depp as an alcohol consuming and drug-addled abuser who denigrated Heard, “hurled” a “steak knife” at an assistant and physically struck both siblings.

“Notwithstanding that, in June 2013, you were actually joking with Mr. Depp about hitting your sister, right?” Depp’s attorney asked her.

“Regrettably over a text message, yes,” sister Whitney Henriquez replied. “That you were encouraging him to hit her,” the lawyer pressed. “I was not literally encouraging him to hit her,” Henriquez added. “But you were joking about it?” “Regrettably, yes.”

In December 2018, Heard alluded to her domestic abuse allegations in a Washington Post editorial, which did not mention Depp by name.

Depp sued anyway, claiming Heard defamed him by implication. Heard countersued after Depp’s attorney labeled her allegations a “hoax.”

Henriquez said that she personally observed Depp drunk “countless” times and high on drugs “a lot.” She acknowledged that she personally used cocaine and drank alcohol with him on a number of occasions.

Heard has said that drug use brought out the “monster” in Depp, language that the Pirates of the Caribbean star used for his addiction.

When Depp was high or intoxicated, Henriquez said, he would say “horrible” things about her sister, calling her a “f***ing c*nt,” “used up trash bag,” and a “slimy saggy whore.”

She was the only live witness on Wednesday, a day filled with testimony mostly by video depositions from her friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington, Pennington’s former fiancé Josh Drew, makeup artist Melanie Inglessis, and acting coach Kristy Sexton.

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