Space Station Welcomes First All-Private Astronaut Team

The First All-Private

Team of astronauts ever launched to the International Space Station (ISS) arrived safely at the orbiting research platform

The Rendezvous Came

About 21 hours after the four-man team representing Houston-based startup company Axiom Space Inc.

The Four-Man Team 

Lifted off on Friday from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, riding atop a SpaceX-launched Falcon 9 rocket.

The Final Approach Was Delayed

By a technical glitch that disrupted a video feed used to monitor the capsule’s rendezvous with ISS.

The Snafu Forced The Crew Dragon

To hold its position 20 metres away from the station for about 45 minutes while mission control trouble-shooted the issue.

The Axiom Mission Also Stands

As SpaceX’s sixth human space flight in nearly two years, following four NASA astronaut missions to the space station and the “Inspiration 4” launch in September

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