Tesla Sold Out For 2022 Already: Bringing The Cybertruck In 2023

Demand For Tesla’s

Electric vehicles is increasing day by day even though the company increased its electric vehicle prices recently.

Tesla Updated Its Delivery Timetable

For its news vehicle orders on its website, and it looks like Tesla sold out many models for the year

The Increase In Demand Is

Due to both the increase in the trend of avoiding internal combustion engines to fight climate change

Elon Musk Also Pointed A Problem

Which many manufacturers love to deal with, orders for Tesla’s electric vehicles are outpacing its production speeds.

But No Matter What

Tesla intends to keep its position as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle maker and be back with its full lineup, including the long-awaited Cybertruck, in 2023.

Cybertruck In 2023

Let’s see how Elon Musk plans to deal with this situation in the third part of his master plan.

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