Thanos Is The Greatest  Simp Ever, MCU Hid  The Truth

MCU Hid His Simp Trait

The Thanos MCU gave us was the face of an psycho philanthropist who saved the universe by eliminating half the universe.

The Comics Beg To Differ

What does the comic storyline say? Comic Thanos had an affair with a deadly woman called 'Death' literally deadly.

Marvel's Deity Of Death

'Death'  got no skin on her body just a skeleton covered with a cape, and the mad titan was quite mad for 'Death' that he would do anything for her

'Death'  Loves Death (Obviously)

In the comics, Death actually grants life to Thanos and increased his power so that his Romeo could bring more death to her.

It Was Her Plan All Along

With a bit of buttering, the greatest simp ever got turned on and Death commands him to eliminate half of the universe for her.

No One Simps Harder  Than Thanos

Thanos collected all infinity stones and killed half of the universe for literally a woman made of skeleton.

Thor 4 Leads To Rise Of A New Thor & Death Of The Old CONFIRMED