The most hated stars in the music industry

Kanye West

Ah, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye...Does anyone on the planet have a bigger ego? There was the Taylor Swift scandal at the Grammys and the time he suggested that a music critic kill himself. Every time he opens his mouth, he makes headlines.

Axl Rose

The Guns N' Roses singer is famous for his demanding behaviour in the studio, perfectionism, and hot temper. He's the main reason it took 10 years to record and more than $13 million to produce the album Chinese Democracy.

Chris Brown

In 2009, Chris Brown was accused of violently assaulting singer Rihanna, allegedly hitting her several times in the face and even biting her. He then couldn't seem to let it go, continuing to post comments on social media about his ex.

Courtney Love

Addicted to drugs and alcohol, she had a tumultuous relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, who emancipated herself at the age of 17 to escape her mother.

Fred Durst

The singer for Limp Bizkit has become, in spite of himself, the face of nu metal: an angry white man. And yet, Durst, a victim of harassment throughout his childhood, admits to detesting some of the bully-like members of his audiences.

Mike Patton

The singer for Faith No More and Mr. Bungle enjoys playing with his own poop and pee. He hides his own excrement in hotel rooms, pisses on stage equipment, and drinks his own urine during concerts.

Justin Bieber

He says he's found Jesus, but he's also had a fine to pay for illegally owning a monkey that he bought on the black market. Oh, and he also has difficulty starting his shows on time and a tendency to lip sync!