Thor 4 Leads To Rise Of A New Thor & Death Of The Old CONFIRMED 

New Thor In The Market

We all know Natalie Portman will reprise her role as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, after Thor: The Dark World. But MCU isn't bringing her back just to make up with the Thor and be her weak human Girlfriend, this time she will become the Lady Thor.

But Mjolnir Is Already Destroyed

How would she become worthy of the Hammer when there's no hammer at all, as it was destroyed by Thor's sister. This could only be solved by introducing Lady Thor from a different universe, but it just doesn't fit right to put

MCU Cant Be This Stupid

This way MCU will just introduce anyone anyhow just by placing a tag of different Universe, MCU will ruin its own Universe, we need logical reasoning behind Jane becoming Thor, like in the Comics.

Beginning Of The Avengers 5

Thor 4 may also lead to a new Avengers 5 team, since there's no one to lead after Tony and Captain's death, and there are too many heroes in the same universe, in the same country itself, it's a difficult choice for MCU to put one hero in Avengers and exclude others.

Death Is Certain

The main antagonist 'Gorr: The God Butcher' will definitely kill a hero before getting killed, given his reputation of butchering the gods. Gorr is meant to be the deadliest enemy the Thor will face, deadlier than her sister Hela: God Of Death herself.

Hammer Problem Ain't Solved Yet

Bringing only the Mjolnir from another universe will be fine & then Jane Foster becomes worthy of wielding it to destroy The God Butcher along side Storm breaker wielder Thor, It looks logical as it would take more than one Thor to defeat the god butcher but bringing Mjolnir from alternate world still shows lack of creativeness.

Can't The Giant Dwarf Forget It Again?

The Giant Dwarf isn't dead of course but reforging the Mjolnir is not enough as anyone could lift it, unless Odin spells his words into it and makes it a requirement to become worthy of it to even move it an inch, but... 'He is Dead'... So it's absolutely nuts how MCU will pull this off.

True God / False God

Though there's a new character just like Odin but from a different origin, The Zeus from Greek. It's confirmed that MCU will introduce Zeus and fans are very curious on how MCU is planning to mix up Norse & Greek Gods together, and yeah also an Egyptian God which created

MCU Mustn't Turn Into cartoon Network

MCU has promised to launch like a thousand new projects and literally turning into a Universe of its own, but the only thing crucial here is to not introduce anything as