Tips To Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Error

Voice messaging on WhatsApp is quite useful for sending large messages and communicating fast. However, some users are do experience issues with voice messaging

Here are some tips to fix voice message errors on WhatsApp

Force stop WhatsApp app

On Android, go to the info page by holding the WhatsApp app icon. The option to force stop the app can be found there. For iPhone users, simply close WhatsApp and reopen it

Turn on WhatsApp permissions

If  WhatsApp doesn't have access to your phone's storage or microphone, the app's voice messaging feature will not work. For WhatsApp, enable both permissions for proper functioning

Check if your phone is out of storage

The voice messages you receive on WhatsApp are saved to your smartphone automatically. There should be adequate space for new voice recordings to be saved

Check other opened apps

There's a chance that another app is accessing your device's microphone. Close any apps that are using your phone's microphone and try recording the voice message again

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