Tips To Resolve Wi-Fi  Calling Issue

Wi-Fi calling, also known as VoWiFi, uses a Wi-Fi network to make phone calls that would otherwise be done through a carrier network

Wi-Fi Calling is a great feature to have on your smartphone because it allows you to have steady and HD calling quality

However, if you are facing issues with WiFi calling, here are a few tips to resolve them

Check if WiFi calling  is enabled

Go to settings and search for WiFi calling option to check whether it is enabled or not

Restart router and phone

Try rebooting your phone and router if the Wi-Fi calling option is turned on but not operating properly

Check for new software updates

You should always check for new software updates if you have a system issue. If any are available, you should install them because they might solve the problem

Toggle airplane mode on  and off

Enable flight mode to turn off all connections, including your carrier's network. Then, from the Quick Settings, enable Wi-Fi while in flight mode to place calls using Wi-Fi calling

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