Top 10 Cinema & Actors/actresses Influencers in 2022

Find Top Cinema & Actors/actresses Influencers in All countries for April, 2022. Identify the Most Authentic Influencers by Followers, Engagement Rate and Authentic Engagement.

Zendaya Followers 0.1B Engagement Rate 6.45%  Authentic Engagement 6.7M

#1 Zendaya

Tom Holland Followers 66M Engagement Rate 9.36% Authentic Engagement 5M

#2 Tom Holland

the rock Followers 0.3B Engagement Rate 0.24% Authentic Engagement 0.6M

#3 the rock

jhope Followers 34M Engagement Rate 20.19% Authentic Engagement 6.8M

#4 jhope

Will Smith Followers 65M Engagement Rate 3.93% Authentic Engagement 2.1M

#5 Will Smith

Alia Bhatt Followers 64M Engagement Rate 3.57% Authentic Engagement 1.9M

#6 Alia Bhatt

Jennifer Lopez Followers 0.2B Engagement Rate 0.33% Authentic Engagement 0.5M

#7 Jennifer Lopez

Ester Followers 29M Engagement Rate 15.96% Authentic Engagement 3.2M

#8 Ester

Chris Hemsworth Followers 54M Engagement Rate 3.79% Authentic Engagement 1.6M

#9 Chris Hemsworth

Robert Downey Jr. Official Followers 52M Engagement Rate 4.06% Authentic Engagement 1.7M

#10 Robert Downey Jr. Official

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