Top 10 Interesting Facts  about USA

Do you know there are a lot of interesting facts about USA, so whether you are planning to study in USA or looking forward to pursuing a career there, we have devised a list of 10 interesting facts about USA that one should know before getting on board!

1. The United States became the first country to gain freedom from the European power in the year 1783.

2. Delaware was the first state whereas New Hemisphere was the ninth state that accepted the constitution of the United States.

3. Robert G Heft, high school student designed the current flag of USA

4. The flag of the USA consists of 13 stripes indicating the original thirteen colonies.

5. The USA houses the world’s largest gold reserves.

6. USA was declared free from foriegn rule on July 2nd, however, it was on 4th of July when John Hancock gave his first signature on declaration.

7. It is observed that in states like Iox, Montana, North Dakota; there are more cows than humans.

8. The great Statue of Liberty is actually situated in New Jersey than New York.

9. The world’s longest Boardwalk is observed in Atlantic City.

10. The first capital of the nation was Philadelphia.

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