Top 10 Women In Technology In The US

These 10 women in tech are forging a path into bold areas of innovation and technological ambition, according to sister publication Technology Magazine

#10 Lakecia Gunter

Vice President and General Manager, IoT Global Channel Sales At Microsoft

#9 Jae Sook Evans

Chief Information Officer At Oracle

#8 Nayaki Nayyar

President Of Ivanti

#7 Gwynne Shotwell

President and COO Of SpaceX

#6 Jo-ann de Pass Olsovsky

EVP & CIO Of Salesforce

#5 Sheryl Sandberg

COO Of Meta

#4 Mary Beth Westmoreland

VP, Technology At Amazon

#3 Susan Wojcicki

CEO At YouTube

#2 Jacky Wright

Chief Digital Officer At Microsoft

#1 Diane Jurgens

CIO At The Walt Disney Company

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