Trendy Wedding Décor Ideas To Consider

Wedding decor has undergone a complete change and customization, giving rise to a wide array of new decor ideas

Here are some trendy wedding decor ideas for you to consider for the special day

Bohemian Decor

The bohemian aesthetic is growing in popularity as this theme can be employed to create a setting that is both elegant and modern

Dreamy and whimsical decor

Beautifully decorated entry passages inspired by fairy tales, large floral installations, reflecting surfaces, coloured canopies, and fabrics can be used to produce this type of decor

Floral decor

One of the most popular wedding trends is to bring the most gorgeous flower gardens to life at the venue and mandap area with floral decor

Vibrant colour trend

The decor sees a fusion of colours, themes, and cultures to demonstrate the perfect harmony of traditions and bold colours are used to produce a cascading and eye-catching effect

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